Thursday 11th February 2016,
  • BBT Principle: Determine Contexts Next

    BBT Principle: Determine Contexts Next

    There is a certain mindset that is required when working with BBT. It is vital to approach the problem from the destination, and work backwards.

  • BBT Tool Practice: Graphing Outcomes, Contexts, and Events

    BBT Tool Practice: Graphing Outcomes, Contexts, and Events

    Now that you’ve been introduced to the BBT tool, lets dive a bit deeper into actually using it for graphing our first graph, something simple. 

  • Introducing BBT Parameterization

    Introducing BBT Parameterization

    Parameterization isn’t a new concept only in BBT, in fact BDD has the same capability.  Where BDD uses quotes in their steps to specify specific

  • BDD Common Mistakes

    BDD Common Mistakes

    Over the years Behavior Driven Development (BDD) has been increasing in popularity over many companies.  Of course just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s

  • BDD Patterns

    BDD Patterns

    Behavior Driven Development can be used for both frontend and backend, but in both cases, without a strong foundation things can get out of hand

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In our last blog, How To – Automate BBT graph, we begin to understand the simplicity of automating a BBT cause and effect graph by creating scripts of an example behavior for each objects an [...]

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If you are interested in learning how to test web sites, you will need to know the different types of tests.   Let’s take a closer look at the most common testing areas. #1 – [...]

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Software applications consist of thousands of line code.  In those lines of code, there are always bugs lurking around. Before selling an application or delivering it to a customer, the bugs must be hunted down [...]