Wednesday 18th September 2019,

About Us


Your software users are deciding every day whether your software meets their quality expectations. The first step on the road to exceeding those expectations is to establish a process that will support the unique goals and needs of your organization.

SQAResources helps you to define and implement a more effective software quality assurance process. And we can demonstrate that a better software QA process leads not only to more satisfied customers, but to shorter time-to-market and lower costs to support and maintain as well.

An effective software quality methodology incorporates:

Process – documented procedures to guide and support users of the methodology
People – management leadership; training and support for all participants
Tools – used to support (not replace) the process

SQAResources subscribes to the Context-Driven school of testing. There is no “one size fits all” approach to software QA methodology. Your software quality process must be practical for your organization. It must address the unique expectations of your user community. It must support your business objectives and be compatible with your culture. It must integrate smoothly with your Development and Product/Project Management methodologies. Last but certainly not least, your software quality process must be cost-effective, according to the risks and costs it enables your organization to avoid.