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BBT Principle: Make it Business Readable

After making the graph and tests tester executable, we now focus externally and ensure there is readability from a business perspective.  The next principle is “Make it Business Readable.” As you know, Behavior Based Testing has its roots in Behavior [...]

June 8, 2015 BBT - Behavior Based Testing

BBT Principle: Make it Tester Executable

Principle 5, Make it Tester Executable, is about readability and executablility. The earlier principles focus on setting up your graph correctly. This principle deals with the syntax of your chart. In short, if a tester reads your graph and generates [...]

June 3, 2015 BBT - Behavior Based Testing

Why BBT?

Having been performing Quality Assurance now for close to 20 years, I have applied many different methodologies in the quest to deliver complete coverage and execute it in the most efficient and effective manner.  Many endless nights have been spent [...]

October 9, 2014 BBT - Behavior Based Testing, Latest News

BBT – Guiding Principles

As you may know, BBT is an amalgam of BDD and cause and effect graphing.  In order to leverage the true power of BBT, the QA professional needs to make a paradigm shift.  The tendency is to graph the entire [...]

August 1, 2014 BBT - Behavior Based Testing, BBT - How To