Wednesday 18th September 2019,

Behavior Based Testing

The Frustrations of QA

Dealing with the frustrations of QA?

  • Not enough test coverage
  • Too much or unknown risk
  • Test strategy and coverage by gut feel or experience
  • Incomplete test strategy
  • Inability to effectively communicate your test plan to the business
  • How much should I automate?
  • How do I maintain it once I have automation in place?

What is BBT?

What is BBT and what does it do?

  • BBT is a combination Behavior Driven Development concepts and Cause and Effect Graphing.
  • BBT generates a statistical model for your test coverage. Click here for our blog on quantifiable test coverage.
  • BBT removes the guess work from your strategy and planning.
  • BBT gives you a complete understanding of your test coverage.
  • BBT is an open framework that while increasing your coverage also reduces your automation coding.
  • BBT minimizes impact on the QA department when requirements change.
  • BBT allows you more time for executing scripts instead of maintaining them.