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Website Testing for Beginners


If you are interested in learning how to test web sites, you will need to know the different types of tests.   Let’s take a closer look at the most common testing areas. #1 – Appearance and Cross Browser Compatibility – this area of web development is the most overlooked.  [...]

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Manual Software Testing Best Practices


The most common reasons for not performing manual tests are: cost, the difficulty in tracking the defects, and the tests are not repeatable. However, not all of these are true.  Manual testing is not so costly that it impacts the project’s overall development cost.  There are several online bug tracking [...]

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Why is Software Quality Assurance Essential?


Software testing is a part of software quality assurance. Software quality assurance is the final step before delivering the product to the customer and it is a must for customer satisfaction. Software quality assurance focuses on eliminating bugs, improving application security, improving performance and performance tuning, finding the minimum hardware [...]

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Is It Necessary to Validate HTML & CSS?


Is it necessary to validate HTML & CSS? HTML & CSS should be validated when a page is written and each time a page is changed. It should also be validated on a regular basis (even though pages haven’t changed) just to check the compatibility with any new additions. That [...]

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How Can New Software QA Processes Be Introduced?


The introduction of new software QA processes depends on the size of the organization and the risks involved. For large organizations with high-risk projects (in terms of lives or property), serious management buy-in is required and a formalized QA process is necessary. Where the risk is lower, management and organizational [...]

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