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How To – Automate BBT graph – Dive Deeper – Data Driven Scripts


In our last blog, How To – Automate BBT graph, we begin to understand the simplicity of automating a BBT cause and effect graph by creating scripts of an example behavior for each objects an understanding how to handle negative and positive states of a test scenario. In this blog, [...]

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How To – Automate BBT Graph


Using Behavior Based Testing best practices and principles, in many ways than web applications, web services are relatively easy to describe as a behavior as they accept a well-defined sets of input parameters and return a well-defined result. So, they fit well into a simple or typical BBT-style of describing [...]

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Negative Test Conditions in BBT

Negative Test Conditions in BBT

If you’ve ever authored test cases for a requirement, you know the drill for negative test cases. Your product owner is going to ask what negative conditions you have included in your test suite. It’s almost inevitable. For those without this experience, it’s good practice to test the negative paths [...]

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BBT Test Case Optimization


The methodology of BBT is to incorporate requirements which are interpreted as behaviors. The behavior is then broken down to Contexts, Constraints, and Outcomes which encircles a complete coverage of behavior and requirements. Identifying the context(s) and outcome(s) To identify the behavior of a system, we ask ourselves, “In order [...]

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BBT Tool and Framework


Overview Behavior Based Testing framework is an idea with business, developers, and QAs in mind. An approach that does not require heavy knowledge in programming to cover a small area of testing, rather than, a simple approach into generating a full test coverage without any technical skills. The core of [...]

October 14, 2014 Everett Khim BBT - Behavior Based Testing, BBT - How To 0