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Top 5 Open Source Bug Tracking Tools

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Software applications consist of thousands of line code.  In those lines of code, there are always bugs lurking around. Before selling an application or delivering it to a customer, the bugs must be hunted down and fixed. Tracking bugs is a job in itself when the application is complex and the developers are located in different parts of the world. A collaborative bug tracking system is a must have. There are numbers of paid and free (and open source) bug tracking/issue tracking systems available. Finding the right bug tracking system can be difficult especially for companies with low budgets.  Here is a brief summary of the top 5 open source bug tracking systems.


Mantis is a popular option that has been used by application testers and test managers for years. It is free, open source, stable and most importantly, it is user friendly. MantisBT is a web-based bug tracking system developed with PHP and MySQL.  It can be installed on any Windows or Linux Server. It is frequently updated by its community users who are always ready to help its users. Among its features are: language localization, easy setup, different access levels, issue change history, time tracking, powerful reporting systems, attachment auto preview, multiple database system support and many others. You can find the complete feature list here.


Bugzilla is another powerful, robust, and popular open source bug tracking system powered by Mozilla. Bugzilla is very stable.  Large organizations like – Red Hat, NASA, Facebook, Nokia, Yahoo and New York Times use it. Bugzilla was programmed using Perl and MySQL. Bugzilla comes will all of the standard bug tracking system features you’d expect along with an optimized database structure for high performance, intelligent search tool, integrated email system and much more.


Redmine is a newer alternative developed using Ruby On Rails. It can be difficult to install on servers. However, it supports different database systems like – MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite and MySQL. Additionally, it requires SCM binaries, ImageMagick and the Ruby OpenID library. Redmine supports multiple projects, role based access control, Gantt charts and calendars, files and document management among other features.


WebIssues is an up and coming issue tracker available in both desktop and web client versions. Webissue is open source, cross platform, and PHP and MySQL based.  It is a highly customizable issue tracking system that supports multiple database servers – MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

The Bug Genie

As its name suggests, Bug Genie is an extremely user friendly, wizard based issue tracking system with lots of flexibility. It is developed with PHP and MySQL and supports multiple database system and multiple languages.

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